Return, Warranty and Repair Policy

Return, warranty and repair policy
Return/Exchange and Mailing Instructions

The return/exchange postage will be borne by the customer. There is no return/return/refund for non-quality problems.
We recommend that you ensure that your package is safely returned to us, and you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during transportation.
We are not responsible for any risk of product damage or loss during return/exchange.
Return/Exchange with quality problems
For products with quality problems purchased on this website, you can apply for a return/exchange within 7 days from the date of purchase. You can also go to the store for return and exchange.
The quality issues will be verified by our after-sales service center. Please note:
Off-line, loose edges (common in sleeping bags), chromatic aberration caused by different displays (different displays, chromatic aberration is unavoidable), product thickness, running threads, feel and other details are not recognized as quality problems .
We do not accept returns/exchanges due to style, color, subjective preference, etc., which are not products with quality problems.
Damage caused by improper use or cleaning, or damage caused by your own modification or other human factors is not a quality issue.
If the product is clearly marked as defective at the time of purchase (ie, Class B goods or products with obvious appearance defects), such defects will not be regarded as quality problems, and no return/exchange will be accepted.
When choosing a size, please refer to the size table and choose the size that suits you. If you return/exchange due to size problems, this is not a return/exchange of product quality problems.
The size specifications of the product should be subject to the actual product.
Osprey backpack maintenance
Only for functional maintenance, there is no guarantee that the appearance will be the same as before purchase.
Before the product is repaired, the customer is responsible for cleaning and cleaning the backpack. If the backpack is not cleaned, the company reserves the right not to accept or return it.
The company has the final decision.
Water bag series (HydraFormReservoir) are not included in the AMG guarantee plan, for which one year warranty period is provided for the water bag.
The maintenance scope does not include natural aging, wear, discoloration, etc. (the anti-splash coating is not in the maintenance scope)