About Reecho


Reecho Asia Pacific Limited was found in 2007, aims at developing “Reecho” into a high-quality professional outdoor clothing brand. Reecho is committed to integrate world-class technology into creative local designs and provide outdoor lovers with the most suitable and the best outdoor gear in Hong Kong. Its own brand products are produced by an all-in-one system which includes research, design, procurement, manufacturing, wholesale, retailing and marketing promotion. It is devoted to introduce new outdoor experiences to customers in one-stop.

    Our Office

Unit 05 – 08 , 11/F , Delta House , No. 3 On Yiu Street , Shek Mun , Shatin , New Territories

Phone: 2648 6228
Email: info@reecho.hk

    Working Hours

Monday-Friday 10am–6pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


An “experience-based” philosophy is an innovative concept in Reecho which strives to integrate its core values into its corporate culture and encourage Hong Kong people to break through oneself and strive for excellence and develop their potential by exploring outdoors. Reecho has incorporated the concept of corporate social responsibility(CSR) into its brand and it took an active role in participating and sponsoring outdoor activities. It has been awarded “Caring Company” for 5 consecutive years since2008, affirming the Company’s contribution to the society and good corporate citizenship. This is because the brand’s core value is to contribute to the society and promote the Hong Kong Spirit.


REECHO equipment sponsored the first Hong Kong mountain climbing team to successfully climb the world’s highest peak-Mount Everest

May 2019

Reecho receieved Caring Certificate (SME Group) by FHKI

September 2018

Hong Kong quaternity scale Everest with Reecho Gear

May 2018

Reecho has been awarded “Caring Company 10+”, affirming the Company’s contribution to the society and good corporate citizenship.

March 2018

REECHO 10th Anniversary

May 2019

Reecho opened new Flagship store at Hong Kong Island

May 2017

Re:echo sponsored outdoor gear for TVB program《天與地》

December 2016

Reecho got over 20000 fans/likes on Facebook fan page

February 2016

Re:echo introduced new female down sleeping bags series in 2015 Fall/Winter Season

October 2015

Yuen Long Re:echo shop was opened on 1st Oct 2015 to give a new outdoor gear shop choice for the residents in West New Territories. It is located at the centre of an extensive transport network of Yuen Long for easy access

October 2015

The first Reecho Outlet in Hong Kong was launched on 2 Jul 2015 at Shek Mun and became a new landmark for outdoor lovers

July 2015

Reecho has launched a rebranded and refreshed website

April 2015

Reecho has recruited over 10000 members

December 2014

The new Imperial down vest was launched, setting off a trend of colored travel down apparel, and developing the Travel Lifestyle product line

November 2014

Reecho has been awarded “Management Excellence Award 2014” by the International Institute of Management (IIM)

October 2014

Reecho has incorporated corporate social responsibility(CSR) into its business and took an active role in sponsoring outdoor activities, such as Raleigh Challenge – Mountain Marathon and Wilson Trail, HKYHA – Nong Ping Charity Walk, BCGA – Team Challenge,etc. In 2014, it has been awarded “Caring Company +5″, affirming the Company’s contribution to the society and good corporate citizenship.

February 2014

TVB interview was taken in the free hiking activity,”Love Hiking on Saturdays”, while it was the 10th Season organized by Reecho

November 2013

In the Spring 2013, according to trail running trends in Hong Kong, Reecho designed new compression apparel – Compressupport (CS) series and the highly breathable and water-repellent Momentum shield

October 2013

The New Experience Hall of Reecho has been moved to a new location in Yau Ma Tei.With 3000sq ft, it is the pioneer of upper floor shop. It sells a large variation of outdoor products, besides the own brand, it carries many other brands. For example, OSPREY, RAB, EXPED, MACPAC, etc.

July 2013

Changed the color of logo to lime green and enhanced its brand image which has marked a milestone for Reecho. It also started a new Facebook fan page so as to provide more information on the internet and strengthen the relationship with customers.

May 2013

John became Reecho’s Chief Advisor, not only experience the product and provide professional and specific advice, but also promote outdoor culture and encourage local engagement through outdoors.

May 2013

Tsang Chi-sing, John, has climbed over Mount Everest with Reecho’s clothing and gear, became the first Hong Kong climber to summit Mt. Everest from both the north and south ridge and made Hong Kong mountaineering history as well

May 2013

It was the first time Reecho phroduction crews shot on Mount Akadake in Japan for Fall 2013 publicity

April 2013

Air Light and Passion Tees have been the most popular designs since they launched. They become the flagship product of Reecho

April 2013

The COMPRESSUPORT series, known as CS, was Reecho’s first and new compression sports product line. The CS Performance Racing Tights has a smart design of KNEE-FIX  film of different tension providing protection and stabilization, it’s highly recommended by trail runners

January 2013

DOWNTEK™ water-repellent down combined with Primaloft® for insulation, plus innovative design of Reecho, Hybrid Down Jacket, retains extraordinary warmth for mountaineers when wet, it’s very different to traditional sportswear

December 2012

Reecho is the 1st Hong Kong Outdoor Brand to use Downtek for the Down products

December 2012

Reecho Imperial down jacket was launched, it’s an Ultralight Down Jacket features compressibility, lightweight warmth with Slim fit and professional cut. It is very different to  traditional “Michelin” down clothing so it became one of the most popular down jackets among Reecho’s deisgn

January 2011

The company organized a T-shirt selling fundraising activity named “Hong Kong Has Me” for St. James Settlement People’s Food Bank

June 2009

The first Down Sleeping Bag series was launched, with the innovation of  “Easy-Fit System” and “Easy-Pack System”, so that users can create their own a more intimate and personal design

May 2009

Mr. Tsang Chi-sing, John, a renowned professional mountaineer became Reecho Ambassador, was well-equipped with Reecho gear and successfully climbed over the Everest from the North Slope

May 2009

The first outdoor store was opened in Russell Street,Causeway,bring the quality outdoor product and deliver exceptional customer service to customers, so as to offer them a diversified shopping experience

January 2008

Reecho brand logo is designed by Charles Ng, who is a famous brand designer and consultant, as well as the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association. The brand image of Reecho logo is sharp, vivid, which is representing “response, reflection, continuous improvement, the connotation of courage to challenge “

January 2007

Reecho Asia Pacific Limited was established in 2007.  The Founder and CEO (Mr. YAU Kwai Leung, Angus) aims at developing “Reecho” into a high-quality professional outdoor clothing brand.

January 2007